AIRPHORIA: Terminal 2
Brendan Walker, Aerial 2008
experiments with a death slide

"Come fly with us and help test our in-flight safety procedures. Black box optional as Brendan Walker brings Airphoria to Shunt Lounge

"Terminal 2 is the first in a series of experiments over the next year developing an amusement ride based on the Korean air 747 Aeroplane that mysteriously crashed in Hatfield Forest in 1999..."

Terminal 2 explores one section of Airphoria, which aims to take passengers on an emotional journey from Anxiety to Rapture.

For four evenings in January 2008 a 35m vault at Shunt Lounge under London Bridge Station was the home to a Death Slide experience. Up to nine passengers were able to book places on each flight, which left every half hour. After their flight announcement, passengers made their way to the Departure Lounge where they were fitted with flight harnesses and took their seats ready for the Captain's preflight briefing (which encouraged screaming...)

One-by-one, passengers were called to take their solo journey; ascending the tower to the start of the 5.4m high slide. After the Ground Engineer's signal, passengers took-off into the unknown, towards the mist and increasingly dazzling aircraft lights; not knowing how or when their journey might end.

Passengers were recovered from their landing, and escorted back to their seat via a hereshrine dedicated to the growing number of passengers who had survived the journey, which reached almost 400 - the capacity of an international Boeing 747 flight...

Airphoria Flight Crew:
Captain Brendan Walker
First Officer George Tomlinson
Flight Engineer Tuur Van Balen
Ground Engineer Thomas 'Louis' Wheildon

supported by Shunt