AIRPHORIA: Terminal 3
Brendan Walker, Aerial 2008
experiments on leaving a cabin

After the success of Terminal 2, Airphoria's Captain and crew return to Shunt with Terminal 3, featuring a passenger aircraft cabin pre-show, a crash scene investigation, and most importantly - an electric airport truck you can take a ride on!

For 8 evenings between 16th and 30th July, 500 passengers chose to fly with airphoria, with an audience of over 4,000 eye-witnesses. Flights from Hysteria to Bliss were announced and left every half hour, carrying 8 passengers in pre-booked seats. After entering the cabin, ascending to an altitude of 5m, and running through inflight safety procedures and announcements, passengers could relax to Airphoria's own inflight radio station and rubbish film before enjoying an inflight meal, prepared by the First Officer...

However, as the lights were dimmed, cabin crew discovered that passengers were disappearing one by one, sucked out the back of the cabin...

Eye witness accounts recorded bodies flailing in the sky, hurtling towards distant aircraft landing lights. Crash Scene Investigators found evidence of miraculous survival and trauma.

Crash Scene Investigation photographs can be seen on Flickr.

Airphoria Flight Crew:
Captain: Brendan Walker
First Officer: George Tomlinson
Flight Engineers: Tuur Van Balen and Cesar Harada
Ground Engineers: Ivo Vos and Ross Cairns
Stewardess: Revital Cohen
Airport Driver: Steve Ounanian
CSI Photographers: Regis Baland, Sandy Danbury, Marta Montserrat

Air Traffic Control: Louise Mari and Nigel Barret

Inflight radio: with the help of Tim Olden

supported by Shunt